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Welcome to Virtual Pet Rock!

Virtual Pet Rock is NOT compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 (Lion).

For ages rock care was only for the trained and wealthy. Rock carers were an elitist group of over-educated buggers and upper-class twits with an attitude and the money for it. This had to stop as evidently this wasn't beneficial for either the rock or the carer. It was a situation where, sadly, abandoned or neglected rocks were all over the place.
Here ends the sad part.

OOOk Default: is proud to announce their first program for Mac OS X:
Virtual Pet Rock!

Main window
not an actual rock, batteries not included

This nifty little program is designed to give you the real rock care experience without the costs or effort. It is perfectly simple to use. It is educational. It is fun!
Click on the links at the top to learn more and download your own personal virtual friend.

built for mac

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